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Mandelbrot Startbild What is FlashMandel?

With FlashMandel you can create fractal graphics. The most famous kind of this graphics is probably the "Mandelbrot's-set" or respectively the "Mandelbrot's puppet". The picture on the left shows the basic form of this type. But FlashMandel can also calculate and render the "Julia's set", shown on the bottom of this text. It looks like an ornament.
The principles of fractal graphics have been discoverd some years ago, so you have probably seen a lot of them - but the infinite variety of forms is still fascinating.
So come on, test it and enter the world of fractals.
What are fractals?

The terms "fractal" and "fractal geometry" were created by the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. The special thing of fractal geometry in contrast to the "normal" geometry is, that it handles with irregular and complex forms instead of simple forms like spheres or straight lines.
A typical attribute of a fractal is auto-similarity, this means, every magnification of a fractal is always similar to it's origin. With the zoom-functionality of FlashMandel you can make a journey into the deep of fractal-graphics.
JuliaMenge 1
Mandelbrot 1 Which features has FlashMandel?

  • It supports calculating the Mandelbrot-set and the Julia-set.
  • It runs on all Amiga-computers with kickstart 3.0 (or higher), 1MB RAM and a 68020-CPU with a floatingpoint-unit.
  • Full support of a PowerPC-CPU using WarpOS. Because of the complex calculations it is rcommended to have this kind of CPU.
  • Supports gfx-cards using Cybergraphics or Picasso 96.
  • Coloranimation.
  • Free choice of colors using different palettes.
  • and much more...
Features since V 1.5:
  • FlashMandel has a new Reaction-GUI. You need OS3.5 (or higher) for this feature. Now it's possible to use all features only by mouse.
  • Added support for Localization for Italian and German languages, others are welcome ;-).
  • A new installer-script makes it easy to install, update or delete FlashMandel.
  • Extended the Z = Z² + C formula to Z = Z^(2^n) + C with 1 <= n <=11.
  • A new arexx-port - usefull to build animations, gfx-effects , benchmarking...
  • A special no-68k-FPU-version for owners of a Blizzard MC040LC/PPC603e is now included. It runs on other systems without FPU too.
  • Added three new arexx-scripts:
    • Benchmark_II.rexx:
      A new benchmark-script with new functions and a localized reaction-GUI (Needs AWN-Pipe).
    • Create_FMandel_Anim.rexx:
      A script for creating an IFF-animation. With a localized reaction-GUI (Needs AWN-Pipe).
    • Toolbar.rexx:
      Adds a toolbar to the FlashMandel-screen. Includes the most important functions (Needs AWN-Pipe).
NEW!   FlashMandelWOS 2.5

This has changed in the new version:

  • Added via ToolType a customizable undo buffer.
  • Better UAE and P96 compatibility.
  • Save picture bug definetively fixed.
  • Added spanish catalog (many thanks to 'Javier de las Rivas').
  • Some code cleanup.
  • Prepared part of code for multiprecision calculations...
Mandelbrot - Neue Formel What is planned for the future?
  • Recompile FlashMandel for MorphOS and AROS operating systems if it's not too much difficult.
  • Add 3D-renderings and 24-bit-palettes support.
  • Double the precision for both 68k and PPC to zoom even more into the fractals, suggestions are welcome ;-).
Who created FlashMandel?

First of all I have to make clear, that Dino Papararo from Napoli/Italy starts creating FlashMandel. I (Edgar Schwan) liked to work with this program, so I contacted him per e-mail. Since then we develop FlashMandel in a team. I gave him some hints for the ppc-support and for converting his project to deal with the C/C++ - compiler 'StormC'. For version 1.5 I've written a new GUI (reaction, OS 3.5+) and added multi-language-support (localisation).
In version 2.2 some arexx-scripts were added and some bugfixes were done. Unfortunalety Dino's Amiga is dead, so he only can go on programming by using WinUAE.
You want to know more about Dino? Then take a look at his page !
JuliaMenge 3
Mandelbrot 3 Where can I get FlashMandel?

First of all I have to mention the AmiNet. Under
you can download the most recent version.

Or you can download the main-archive, a collection of 640x480-pictures or the readme-files from this site (V2.5):
   FlashMandelWOS.lha (1,8 MB)
   FMSmallPictures.lzx (1,5 MB)

Besides it was published on differet german CD's:
  • AMIGA-Plus-CD volume 1/2001 (february/march).
  • AMIGA-OS-CD volume 10 (july 2001).